Ginseng: The all-purose medicinal drink


So today, I entered a bus back home from work and on that bus there was a bus marketer( those people who sell products in public transport). This man was selling ginseng tea and started talking about how beneficial this tea is to the overall body system and how Chinese people live longer than the average man lifespan due to the herbs and one of which is the ginseng tea.
Normally I do not patronize these people but when he got to the part where he stated that this tea helps to eliminate menstrual pain, quickly I adjusted myself to hear him well because since I started my period when I was thirteen I have always experienced menstrual cramp up to the point that I was wishing not to menstruate again not until in 2011 when a nurse introduced me to diclofenac 100mg, my menstrual pain became less severe but I was worried because i felt it was too much for my system then just last month, I had a terrible cramp again and this time it took 6 diclofenac , 2 felvin and of cause prayers (I believe it was the prayers that worked) before the pain subsided.

So I just decided in the bus that why don’t I just buy 3 sachet of the tea which cot #250 and give it a try. Immediately I got home, I started searching the internet for Ginseng and its benefits hence I am sharing all the information I could grab with you.
Ginseng is a medicinal root plant which grows widely in the Asian part of the world mostly in China, Korea and Siberia to be precise. It is a root plant like ginger and mostly grouped as a homeopathic medicine. It is a natural medicine which has gained wide acceptance over a period of time and it is consumed in form of tea, capsule and root extract. The herb is beneficial to humans and some of which are listed below:

1. Ginseng acts as a natural energy drink by regulating the body metabolism and improving stamina hence rather than taking those sugar-laced commercial energy drinks, why not just try ginseng tea which not only does the work of an energy drink but also serves other benefit to the body
2. It is great for weight watchers as it helps them to control their weight as ginseng is a natural appetite suppressant, thereby controlling obesity.
3. Ginseng helps to ease menstrual cramp (yay) and also helps to boost oestrogen production in women approaching the menopause stage hence improving their libido.

4. Ginseng helps to even out skin complexion as it is rich in anti-oxidants which slows down the reactions of chemicals in turn getting rid of dead skin cell and making a more beautiful skin be revealed. It helps in the rehydration and regeneration of skin cells.
5. Ginseng helps to balance body metabolism which in turn treats skin diseases like eczema, rough skin, acne and so on.
6. Ginseng helps to increase the production of skin collagen that helps the skin to be more elastic and toned therefore reducing wrinkles, fine lines and cellulites.
7. Ginseng helps to improve the immune system by helping the body to fight off diseases hence stimulating hair growth (by stimulating blood circulation).

The man in the bus warned against using ginseng for children under the age of 10 because it reduces the blood sugar level and sugar is needed by young growing body so pregnant women and nursing mother should stay off it. During my research I found this to be true, also it could increase nausea, dizziness and migraine (which as a migraine sufferer it is a big no no for me). I would still give it a try though.

Now I actually came up with this DIY because I don’t want to drink the tea now till I am close to my period so I will try a tea facial toner by just making a hot ginseng tea and letting it cool off before applying it to my face. That is all
Thanks for reading and you can leave your comments below.

The Polished Vintage “Rustic Fairytale” LookBook -Ejiro Amos-Tafiri

 The EAS 2015 collection called the RUSTIC FAIRYTALE which made its first debut at the Guaranty Trust Bank Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) in 2014. 

         The collection brings to life a Cinderella princess theme but not in the the palace we see in the fairytale the fairytale has a twist to it which add unsophisticated and country side to it. 

           It is an infusion of primitive yet polished looks and brings together of two extremes and finds a way to balance it into a beautiful collection. It infuses snow white colours , blacks, florals and rustic golds in form of prints, glitters/sequins,lace, diamonds,silks, capes,pearls and crops which brought forth the Rustic Fairytale.

Let your eyes have a feast:



Photo Credit (Source)

Designer: Ejiro Amos-Tafiri (@ejiroamostafiri)

Photographer: Emmanuel Oyeleke (@emmanueloyeleke)

Stylist: Ify Onyido- iolasylist (@iolastylist)

Makeup: Jaga Beauty (@jagabeauty)

Model: Nikki and Uju

Address: No 3, Ribadu Road, off Awolowo, Ikoyi, Lagos. (

Setting Standard for Building Personal Care Regimen (skin and Hair)


 There is a saying that ‘’he who fails to plan, plans to fail’’. Hence in our daily lives there is the need to plan and outline our activities and this is not limited to our personal care activities. For healthy hair and skin, there is a need to plan out strategies to achieve these goals. As the saying ‘’Rome is not built in a day’’ except you are among the lucky few that have flawless skin and good hair without even attempting to do anything with regards to their hair and skin (I know I am not among the lucky few) then there is a need to build regimens and routine to attain that glowing and flawless skin and healthy hair.
     Regimens are nothing more than structured routines to which basic and special practices are performed. One major thing about regimens is that it involves a lot of trial and errors, that is why I am going to compare is with strategic management process (yes I am a business student). The stages in strategic management include:
1.       Goal setting
2.       Goal Analysis
3.       Strategy Formulation
4.       Strategy Implementation
5.       Evaluation and Control
a.       Goal Setting: Now when trying to build a regimen either for hair or for skin, there is a need to have laid down goals which you intend to achieve from the routine because you should not just be moving with the tide. Setting the goals of your regimen is important as it acts as the driving force to help you outline and actually achieve the goal. Some example of goals that can be set includes:
1.       I want a more even skin tone by the end of the year
2.       I want to achieve shoulder length hair in the next six months
3.       I want stronger nails in the next three months……….and so on.
      It is very important to set realistic goals, not that you know you just did a big chop today and expect shoulder length hair in six months or you suffer from hyper-pigmentation and expect that within one month your skin is as clear as a baby (avoid product that make such short term promises).
     It is also important to write down those goals you have laid down and divide it into short term and long term goals like if you want longer hair you know that your hair suffers from excessive dryness there is the need to combat the dryness in a short term goals and this will aid the long term goal of longer hair. 
 The other reason for writing down goal is to be able to go back to it and review it from time to time. I would encourage keeping a journal for your regimen or routine in order to understand your skin cycle and to know what product or practices work and those that do not.
b.      Goal Analysis: After setting your hair goals, it is important to examine the goals, also carry out through examination on your skin and hair; like knowing your hair type, your skin type and skin tone, the porosity of your hair, your allergies and skin issues including health issues that could be linked. There is also to need to analyze how your set goals can be achieved.      
      This is where your major goals are broken down into smaller goals which would in turn build it into achieving your major goals. It helps to broaden your knowledge about the new practices to abide by, it is at this stage you start surfing the internet and reading major write-ups about your targeted problem and goal. It will help to review different product that comes to your mind and how they have worked for other people with similar issues.
       It is important to know that during this period you would acquire both useful and useless information, hence I beg you not to act on what you read immediately because I have done that before and it caused me a lot of waste in terms of time, money and even affected me emotionally.
c.       Strategy Formulation: it is during strategy formulation that you take all you have learnt from your analysis and the information by taking out the useful information you have gathered after which you tailor the information to suit your own particular need. It involves outlining your activities on how to combat your skin and problem areas, the product you have chosen to use, what, when and how to use these products and also developing alternatives to achieve your goals in the face of constraint.
d.      Strategy  Implementation: this is the most critical of your regimen, this is actually where you follow your own laid down plans and use this product and eat whatever you have plan on eating in order to achieve your goal. At this point the product you have decided on using should have been bought. NB: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A PRODUCT JUNKIE TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL,therefore less is more. It is important to use fewer products at a time in order to take note of any reaction or progress you could be getting from each of the products particularly.
e.      Evaluation and Control: this is the point where you measure your performance and how far you are going in achieving your goals. At this stage there is a need to compare the actual result you are getting from your regimen to the planned result (this brings us back to the issue of keeping a journal).  It involves taking corrective measures where necessary, like changing a product you are having adverse reaction to, or increase number of applications of products that you really find to be useful but have not used optimally. 
Hope you have enjoyed my little preaching and would take it into practice. Note, this is a personal opinion, you can also leave yours in the comment section below. THANK YOU.

The Therapeutic value of Essential oils and Sickening Migraine Experience

    Essential oils are natural plant oils in its most potent form, it is a natural aromatic compound found in different parts of a plant. They have powerful but beautiful fragrance; it is crisp, fresh and clean. Essential oils are made up of volatile aromatic compounds. The parts of the plant where these oils can be extracted include the leaves, flowers, roots, stems and bark. 
     These natural essential oils are part of our everyday lives, when looking for a more natural and approach to solve our problems. The oils are derived from the essence of the plant in the most potent form hence a little drop is far more effective than a cup of dry herbs
     Essential oils are naturally antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antibacterial in nature meaning it is multipurpose hence it is better to get it in its purest form. One thing about essential oil is that ‘’less is more’’ because a lot goes a long way.
      Now to my own experience with essential oil. I am a migraine sufferer; it started a little while before I was 10, I didn’t understand why I had it and what was causing it. I just suffered in silence because my parents were tired of my numerous complains because every time I go to the clinic i was treated for malaria and typhoid which is common in my area.
      When i come down with a migraine it starts with blurred vision and inability for my eyes to focus, little sounds become irritating, I feel nauseated (if that’s a word). Then the headache comes at the left side of my head and i go into a painful trance like I become angry, I am allergic to white light, food annoy me, oils are my worst enemy and the time is always slow that even two hours of migraine feels like seven hours of pain. 
     The worst part is that my parents don’t understand they sometimes think I am lying. I just swallow malaria drugs for temporary relieve but the relieve comes only after like an hour which is really not what i wanted (i wanted immediate response).
     Now I had to go to the doctor  and I told him straight up that I wasn’t taking malaria drugs that it is either he finds something or I would start seeing someone else. So he started series of a test to erase out all other odds that was when I found out he actually was trying to eliminate  the issue of me having migraines. 
     Now in 2015, after various researches, I found aromatherapy then off I went to healthplus and bought an essential oil blend of peppermint, rosemary and chamomile oil. I waited a till I had the symptoms then added few drops to a bowl of water and sniffed it the put a little in my hand with coconut oil and massage my forehead and miraculously though the pain did not disappear but I was able to carry out my normal activities cause I didn’t feel weakened after all.
       Essential oils are so potent that it has to be diluted before use by using other carrier oil. some of the carrier oil readily available include coconut oil, sheabutter, castor oil and olive oil. So to obtain benefits of the oils you have to add it to your skincare and hair care products.
Other benefits of essential oil include:
1.       It clears dandruff
2.       It stimulates hair growth
3.       It awakens dormant hair follicles
4.       It disinfects skin and scalp
5.       It helps to cleanse the hair
6.       It stimulates blood circulation
7.       It treats acne
8.       It treats sunburns
9.       It treats abscesses, athlete foot and blisters
10.   It evens out skin tone
11.   It eliminates varicose veins and eases congestion.
12. It is useful for massages and aromatherapy

some common types essential oil includes lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree lavender and chamomile.

 I hope you found this post useful and try essential oils and there are some Nigerian producers i think you should try like Olori and NaturalNigerian because their essential oils are priced competitively, meaning the price is actually fair for a good made in Nigeria product.

The African Black Soap Therapy


    One of Africa natural beauty product which has lasted through out several decades and is now gaining wide recognition around the world is the African Black Soap (ABS). 
    Even we African have disregarded our product and are using western soaps, some have use it with no problems but some of us with numerous skin problem and have tried different soap to no avail which have eventually led to trying several alternatives until I found the African Black Soap and it has helped me greatly and I am happy to share it with you.
     The ABS is made with a mixture of plantain skin, herbs, honey, shea butter, aloe vera and palm kernel oil. The plantain skin is rich in vitamin A, E and iron. The ABS is a gentle cleanser as it doesn’t rip the skin of its moisture unlike the regular soap; it penetrates the skin by cleansing the pores and loosening up dead skin cell and moisturising the skin.
     The ABS is useful in treating acne, rashes, eczema, body odour and any other skin issues. The aloe vera, honey and shea butter contained in the ABS helps in moisturising the skin and treat itching and eczema and provide nutrition to the skin. The vitamin E in the ABS helps to reduce scarring.
     It helps to slow down skin aging by providing extra moisture and fatty acids to firm up the skin and to keep it supple and soft thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The ABS is also useful for the hair as it works as a clarifying shampoo which helps to clean the hair but doesn’t strip the hair of its essential oils.
     One of the things I like about the ABS is the fact that a little goes a long way as it lathers very well. One problem is that it has a pungent smell which some people cannot manage but I can manage it or you can add some other oils and fragrance. I am sure you would ask how, yes you can buy black soap base from those women that sell cream and soap on the roadside though they sometimes don’t sell good lotions and cream but they have good quality black soap base.
my personal black soap base got it for #300
As usual, you know there is always a DIY after every article:
          Modified African Black Soap (it is useful for dry skin and clearing the skin spots)
1.       150g African black soap base
2.       50g  Shea butter (remember to melt it first)
3.       20ml Coconut milk
4.       20ml Aloe vera gel
5.       20ml Glycerine
6.       50ml Extra virgin olive oil
7.       15ml Vanilla fragrance (or any other one you like)
          Homemade Black Soap Shampoo
1.       50g African black soap base(pour hot water over)
2.       25ml Aloe vera gel
3.       25ml Coconut oil
4.       30ml Coconut milk
5.       30 drops Eucalyptus oil
6.       25ml Honey
7.       20ml Glycerine
8.       10ml Vanilla Essence
9.       Banana Fragrance
NOTE: This is my personal recipe so you can remove or add some other ingredients to suit you. You can also just relieve yourself of the stress and if you are not an herbalist like me(I love to mix up concoctions).
Hope you enjoyed my little story about the African black soap and would give it a try and write your comment.

I am in love with the ”COCOA”


   Nothing melts and tastes as good as chocolate, no wonder we all love it. Not only because of the taste but it smells so good. So many plants produce oil from their seeds but none is as creamy and luxurious as the cocoa butter. The cocoa butter is derived from the seed of the fruit obtained from the cacao tree and the cocoa butter is obtained from its seeds. 
        Some people believe that chocolate is one of the major cause of obesity but that is not true it is actually other ingredients like milk, fat, and sugar that is the major causes of obesity. But chocolates with over 30% cocoa in it are the most beneficial to the human health.
Some of the health benefits of cocoa include:
1.       It reduces the risk of heart diseases or attack.
2.       Cocoa is a natural anti-depressant due to the phenethylamin which acts as a mood elevator.
3.       It helps to build strong bones and teeth due to the calcium contained in it.
4.       It helps to reduce blood pressure due to the flavonols which helps to promote vasodilatation.

Now let’s go to some of the benefit of Cocoa butter to the skin
1.       It helps to moisturize the skin due to its ability to absorb and retain moisture
2.       It helps in healing chapped and broken lips
3.       It helps to keep the skin soft and supple in appearance
4.       It helps to reduce scars and fight aging signs and wrinkles
5.       It helps reduce stretch marks
6.       It helps to treat sunburns, protect and moisturize sunburn areas and soothes itching skin.                7.    It helps to even out skin tone but the rumour that it darkens the skin is a myth

I know it is not easy to find raw cocoa butter here in Nigeria but I was able to get from Sheamapo. I really love the smell it smells like chocolate. I am sure you would enjoy using the cocoa butter.I melted the cocoa butter so it would be easy to use and i got it for #1500.

Now to our DIY (as usual):

1.       Cocoa Butter Lip balm
a.       2tsp cocoa butter
b.      1tspn beeswax
c.       1tsp sheabutter
d.      5 drops essential oil
2.       Cocoa butter body butter
a.       4oz cocoa butter
b.      1oz coconut oil
c.       1oz almond oil
d.      40 drops of essential oil
Hope you enjoyed the post as I enjoyed writing it, you can leave your comments below.

Coconut skin benefits




 Another one of nature’s best invention is the coconut tree. It is a versatile product and every single part of the coconut tree is very useful; like the leaves provides shelter, it can also be used to fuel fire, the coconut itself is a nice delicacy which I personally enjoy. The coconut fruit shell can be broken to make bowls and it can be broken into pieces for flooring.
       This write up is all about coconut oil which is produced from the coconut fruit and it has such a nice smell which I really oil. Though the consistency of coconut oil you see in the market differs some in soft solid white and some in liquid oil form. But here in Nigeria, the liquid oil is really common and you can find it in supermarkets, beauty shops and from those women that sell herbs.
Note: Both the solid oil and the liquid is equally useful.
Some of the several benefit of coconut oil benefits:
1.       It helps to soften the skin
2.       It reduces pimples and acne
3.       It helps to reduce stretch marks
4.       It helps to reduce/eliminate migraine
5.       Eating a little coconut oil as an energy boost
6.       It is useful for body scrub base.
7.       It helps as a natural deodorant.
8.       It reduces wrinkles and sagging skin
9.       It reduces heartburn, indigestion and acid influx
10.   It is useful as a good massage oil
11.   It is a useful lip moisturiser
12.   It help to whiten the teeth by using it for oil pulling
13.   It helps as a useful hair conditioner.
And now the DIY using coconut oil
1.      Coconut and Cocoa body butter
a.       2oz Coconut oil
b.      2oz cocoa butter
c.       ½ ounce Vitamin-E oil
d.      1 ounce Glycerine
e.      2 tspn aloe-vera  gel
2.       Coconut and Honey facial scrub
a.       1.5oz coconut oil
b.      1oz raw honey
c.       5 tbsp fine sugar
d.      1 tsp aloe vera gel
Hope you found this little post useful and would give it a try and write your own review in the comment section.

Shea Butter and it non-ending benefits


   What is the new beauty product craze? Yes you guessed right it is Shea butter. Shea butter is an all natural fat (plant fat) meaning it is healthy fat with a buttery consistency. It is rich in vitamin A and the fact that it can be easily obtained shows how versatile this product can be.
   Shea butter is a superb moisturizer with healing properties obtained from the nut of the fruit of a shea tree and is extracted without the use of chemicals. Shea butter ranges in colour that is it comes in ivory beige to yellow color. I recommend buying the unrefined Shea butter as the refined Shea butter losses its healing properties during processing.
   Shea butter can be used as a decongestant and anti-inflammatory for sprain and arthritis, it is also useful in making lotions for both hair and skin. The vitamin-A in shea butter helps in the treatment of a number of skin conditions including blemishes, wrinkles and allergies. It also helps in the treatment of wounds also, the Vitamin-E acts as an anti-agent as it helps in nourishing the skin and keeping it radiant and supple.
    The cinnamic acid in shea butter helps in healing wounds and it also enhances the effectiveness of its healing properties. It helps to absorb and retain essential moisture in the skin, hence leaving the skin softer and supple for a longer period of time unlike petroleum-based products. Shea butter restores skin elasticity and heals the skin from extreme dryness, blemishes, wrinkles, it diminishes stretch marks and scars.
    Shea butter acts as a natural sunscreen by protecting the skin from UV rays, and is also useful in winter as it provides extra moisture to the skin. The vitamin-F in shea butter helps in rejuvenating the skin and in soothing rough and broken skin. The fact that shea butter can easily be absorbed, allows it to be useful as a lip balm making it effective for the treatment of dry and chapped lips.
    Shea butter is also using in hair as a cream to lock in moisture and keep the hair softer no wonder naturalistas are proud of it. Shea butter helps dry, irritated and flaky scalp by drawing and retaining the much needed moisture, which is essential for hair growth it also helps to protect the hair from sun damage as it coats the hair shaft.
As usual you know I would bring you some DIY using shea butter.
Before making a DIY product using shea butter there is the need to incorporate air into the butter to make it softer and to allow other products to blend evenly into the shea butter. 
·         Whipped Shea butter
          Place the shea butter in a glass container and place the glass container in a pot of hot or boiling water
          Once the butter has melted remove it from the pot and incorporate other oils to be added then mix.
          Place the mixed shea butter in the freezer until it is semi-solid
          Remove the butter from the freezer and using an electric mixer (you can try using your hand where a mixer is not available,) until it is soft and fluffy.
1.       Coconut Shea body butter
          4oz unrefined Shea butter
          1oz coconut oil
          10z Almond oil
          40 drops of essential oil
NB: if using solid coconut oil, make sure you melt it with the shea butter.
2.       Shea Hair Conditioner
          1oz unrefined shea butter
          1tbsp Argan oil
          2 tbsp hair conditioner
          ½ tsp peppermint essential oil
3.       Shea butter Hair growth cream
          4oz unrefined  Shea butter
          1oz coconut oil
          1oz castor oil
          14 drops peppermint oil
          15 drops Lavender oil.
Thanks and hope you found it beneficial and I am sure there are more benefits that has not been illustrated in this article so you can list your comments below and tell us more.

The Sweet Skincare wonders of Honey.

You don’t have to earn six figures to have a glowing skin because even your kitchen staples could work the magic and honey is the magic potion that would top our discussion today.
Honey is a natural sweetener that is even older than sugar and it is one of the most versatile products of nature; it can be eaten, used for the skin and as well as hair. The new beauty buzz is about the natural products craze now that people are going natural not only hair related but in what they eat, drink, and even in their beauty products.
Funny but true, honey has been an ancient beauty product as Cleopatra has been said to have bathed in honey and milk.  The components of honey are what give it its nourishing value both in terms of food and skincare.
In skincare, honey’s component which includes sugar, amino-acid and lactic acid. Honey also has some anti-bacterial properties which help to heal wounds. The cosmetic power of sugar in honey acts as an emollient which helps to soften the skin and improve blood circulation.
In ancient Greece honey is used as a natural moisturizer due to its humectants property to help the skin to retain its essential moisture, also it helps treating sunburns also honey contains some anti-oxidants which helps to repair skin cells after over-exposure to sun. No wonder honey is being used in the formulation of balms, mask and lotions.
Honey also acts as natural cleansers  due to the lactic acids contained in them which when absorbed by the skin acts as a good defoliant by loosening dead skin cell for easy removal and the enzymes and anti-bacterial properties helps to clear up the pores. Honey also has good anti-aging properties due to its anti-oxidants which help to repair damaged skin cell and diminish scarring.
Some other beauty benefit of honey includes cuticle moisturizer, hair cleansing and hair conditioner and as a lip moisturizer. Honey can be used by all skin types.
Some DIY products made out of honey products include:
1.       Honey Facial Wash
          ¼ cup of raw honey
          ¼ cup of water or coconut water or milk
          1 tbsp castile soap
2.       Honey Body Wash
          Liquid castille soap
          Coconut oil
          Raw honey
          1 tsp Vitamin-E
          15 drops of Eucalyptus oil
          10 drops of lemon  or lavender oil
3.       Honey Lip Balm
          2 tspn sugar
          1 tspn almond oil
          A dash of cayenne pepper (dried pepper)
4.       Honey Body Moisturizer
          5 tbsp honey
          2 tbsp Rose oil (or any other essential oil)
           ¼ cup of Olive oil
Hope you enjoyed what you have been reading and would be using honey more often in your daily regimen. Thanks.

Aloe vera, Nature’s miraculous skincare inventions.

   Aloe Vera whose scientific name is aloe barbadenis is one of nature’s greatest healers. It is one of the most useful versatile plants in the world of skincare. The fleshy aloe Vera leaves contain a clear natural gel that is also being used in high-grade skincare products.
    This plant being one of impressive plant invented by nature and the fact that you can plant it yourself is a plus. It is a potent and natural plant which can be used internally and externally no wonder it is one of the various plants that is used in ayurvedic medicine.
    Aloe Vera helps to balance our highly acidic dietary habits while nourishing the body with minerals, vitamins and glyconutrients. And also functions as nature’s own sport drink for electrolyte balance.
    Now let’s go to the important part of this article the benefits of aloe vera to the skin. Aloe Vera is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal which is known around the world. Aloe-Vera can be used in a first-aid kit, as an anti-bacterial portion to dry up wounds without scarring. It is important to note that aloe-vera should only be used on surface wounds and for deeper cut, it can be used as a first-aid treatment before getting to the hospital and it should be used sparingly.
    Aloe Vera is also a humectant that can be used in binding moisture into the skin also, it helps to quicken regeneration of skin tissues, it soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin. The aloe vera gel is also a useful skin tonic as the amino-acid hardens the skin cell and the zinc helps in tightening pores.

  Aloe Vera has also proven itself as nature high grade eye-cream as just cutting through aloe vera leaf and placing the aloe vera on the eyes also drinking aloe vera gel helps the skin glow from within. A personal testimony is my acne-prone face, I replaced my moisturizer with a stabilized aloe vera gel from forever living and to be serious my skin has never looked better.

How to make your own Aloe vera gel:
You need (1) aloe vera leaves and (2) 500mg powdered vitamin c for every ½ cup of gel.
1.       Wash your hand and tools in order not to contaminate the gel
2.       Slice off the outer leaf of the aloe plant
3.       Place in a cup to drain the yellow juice (latex)
4.       Peel the leaf  using a vegetable peeler and scoop the gel out with a spoon
5.       You can consider adding powdered vitamin c to act as preservatives but if not make the gel in    small batch.
6.       Place the gel in a sterilized, clean jar.
7.       Use the gel.
But rather than making your own batch of aloe vera gel you could also buy the gel from your various supermarkets or on on-line stores

You could try a DIY aloe vera body butter following the steps below:
1. Shea butter- 4 ounces
2. Vitamin E oil- 1/2 ounce
3. Joboba oil – 1.5 ounces
4.Vegetable Glycerine- 1 ounce
5. Aloevera gel – 2 tbsp
6. Rice powder -1tbsp

– Melt your shea butter by putting it in a jar and placing the jar in hot water.
– Once the Shea butter has melted add the Vitamin-E oil, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerine and rice             powder then mix all together.
– Whisk all ingredients together then add the aloe vera gel the whisk again.
– Get little jar to put in the butter and now you can enjoy.

Aloe vera gel can be used on its own or mixed with your other staple products: it can also be mixed in your deep conditioner also.

Mini Oil Production Factory


     Yes, you read it right I have a mini oil production factory and where is it? Guess. Yes you guessed right it is on my face. My dilemma is that I have such an oily face and a so dry skin that you think my body is experiencing drought.

     You should know that an oily face is automatically  acne – prone and with large visible pores.
Let’s go to the genesis. Body our are good serum for healthy looking skin. But one thing is that as they say even if it is good but moderation is the key. So little makes you look older while too much makes you prone to acne.


 I had phases from smooth velvety skin then to rash – like pimples(the worst of all) then the bump – like pimple some painful while some just red pus filled bumps. As you know people like me become product junkies and I have spent a lot on these acne but to no avail. I wasted my money to avail .
But moving to now after researching so many times .

 I found the three basic rules: (1) Cleanse (2) Tone (3) Moisturize.
1. Cleanse: washing your face is good but do not overdo it washing too much strips your skin of its oil therefore skin responds by producing more oils hence blocking the pores with sebum. Hence I recommend using a mild soap and I wash twice a day; morning and when going to bed.
2. Tone: in Nigeria here when you say the word ‘tone’ or ‘toning’ people look at you with a silly face and say you are bleaching but it does not mean that. Toning has to do with getting those dirt that the cleanser couldn’t  get.  Most toners we find nowadays have alcohol in them which tends to sting. Also to toner helps to return your skin to its normal PH-LEVEL also a good toner conditions your facial skin and help balance it

3. Moisturise: there is a myth that says oily skin should not moisturise but that’s a lie you should as this help to keep your skin velvety smooth (from my experience  though) and also provide your facial skin with a assistance to boost production of the right oils. I advise using oil – free products also.

     Yes after the long story I tried these rules but not until I found these product did my situation become better with fewer to no acne at all. The products are listed below

1. Cleanser: Debbitone Radiant skin soap which I got from Just rite Superstore close to my place. Yes the smell is so nice which I love and which is so uncommon for black soap and it lathers which which is also typical for black soap and I got it for #400 only, yes it doesn’t overly drys my skin and  I love it

2. Toner: Sebamed clear face- deep cleansing toner: it cleanses the skin by removing excess sebum, oil and impurities also, its antibacterial action effectively counters the formation of new pimples while it smoothes and conditions your skin.

3. Moistutizer: Forever Living Aloe Vera gelly: I so love this product yes it is my holy grail though it doesn’t control the oil but it sure keep my skin feeling good and soothes it. I got it for #1900 at NYSC camp  and it’s about to finish so I need more but it is so expensive outside and being a cheap stake I can’t buy it more than #2000.

4. Facial Wipes: I use nightingale facial wipes to clean my skin when it is so oily though it is good and I recommend using it but it is not a direct alternative to washing. It comes in two variants (a) tea tree oil and witch hazel (b) tea tree oil and peppermint oil. I love the one with the tea tree oil and peppermint oil for no just reason.


   Hope you enjoyed my little story and hope it helped you.


Love God? YE or NAY

     Personally, I have gone through  phases between  which I was being a faithful Christian and a christian `4 mouth ‘.
      I have had  times where I had a very superb time with God and when I used Him like I was a gold digger, yea you heard me I was seriously  just digging  gold from God just talking to Him when I needed something.
       But let me tell you that for a fact there is nothing absolutely nothing compared to having God. I have enjoyed it and can testify to it you don’t feel like it is a religion it is a lifestyle.
        I remember in my 200 level in the university and praying to God to support my academics. He did and I had just the best semesters ever then I really got into  the God and me lifestyle.
        I got the best bible ever to support me, yes the best the Christian Standard Bible (CBS). It is the freaking best bible I have ever had; so self explanatory.
        Also while in high school a friend introduced to MY DAILY MANNA. So far it is the best devotional I have ever being devoted to (see my rhyme. Whoop whoop ) just kidding. Now to now I have matured to my 20’s and I need to make life changing decisions but as you should know I am very indecisive  an end up taking the wrong ones. Hence I need one person that’s God cos being a secretive I don’t share anything  with anybody.
       So here if you ask me Love God? Yea or Nay. I would say YEA.

This is just a waste of money; no its not, you are just using it wrongly.


      I am sure we have all had experiences of buying product that have been hyped to be very effective but we were left really disappointed. This has happened to me so much that I have become a product junkie. I have several products that I use for my oily acne-prone skin but with little or no result. 
     Expert have linked this to the different body chemistry but it is not limited to that, the way we apply our skincare products also really matters and if it is correctly applied  it would go a long way. Also importantly the ingredients in a product consist of two categories which are:
 (a) Active ingredients and (b) Inactive ingredients
     Active ingredients which are mostly the first three ingredients in the list on the product, they are the products that actually have an effect as in it actually works and penetrate sufficient. While the inactive products are largely dependent on the choice of product.
      To ensure the optimal penetration of the product it should be used properly, hence to allow product to work we have to follow these basic rules
1.       When cleansing do not use regular soap or body shampoo as they tend to over dry the skin, try a moisturizing soap like Dove moisturizing bar.
Regular soap source

Moisturizing soap Source
2.       Do not wash your body with hot water as it enhances skin aging but one thing is that warm skin can absorb products easily hence you can use lukewarm water or use a warm towel instead.
3.       When using the toner, it is very important to short firm strokes on the skin and make sure don’t forget your neck to even the skin tone. It is important to continue rubbing the toner using a cotton pad until there is no visible sign of dirt in the cotton pad which means frequently changing the pad as you apply the toner.
4.       In applying moisturizer you have to use short but firm strokes, do not stretch or rub the skin and always apply the product evenly.
5.       There is also the need to exfoliate the skin and I recommend a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cell and allow products penetrate more evenly
Here are a list of some of the products I recommend:
1.       Cleanser : cetaphil, dove moisturising bar, clearasonic
2.       Toner: Neutrogena non-alcoholic toner
3.       Exfoliant:  Eden face and body apricot scrub, st. Ives facial scrub

4.       Moisturizer: cetaphil, Neutrogena
Thanks for reading, hope it was helpful and please write your comment below.